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    Swiffy conversion, how do I remove the background from it?

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      Hi all,

      I've done my first swf to html5 conversaion via swiffy. I am wondering what I need to do to remove the background from it so that it becomes transparent. When I go into google Chrome and inspect the html5 in the inspector I can simply untick the background box and its gone. (which is exactly how I want it)


      In the inspector it shows

      <svg style="fill-rule:evenodd;pointer-events:none;width:207;height:123;background:rgb(255,255, 255)" viewBox="0 0 4140 2460">


      and when I untick background:white it removes background:rgb(255,255,255) from the code.


      Problem is I simply cant go in and hard edit this code because it's not displayed like this in the JS. The only thing I can see in the JS code that is referencing background is in the swiffy object code:




      Not really up with SVG code etc.

      Any help would be great