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    Render question

    CS5_CC Level 1


      I have made a big composition, this composition has110 small compositions that have each a unique name in it. Is there a way to render that composition, make 110 movies with their unique names in one render pass? I want to end up with 110 movies with their original names.

      Thank you.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you mean that you have 110 Pre-comps in your main comp then all you have to do is add all of the pre-comps to the render cue. With that many I'd probably set up a custom output module that includes all of the features you need. One of them may be to include render and replace usage.


          One more thing, I'd add the first composition, then pick the folder where you want these 110 renders to go. Then, if you've set your custom output module as the default, you can select the other 109 comps and drag them to the cue and hit render.


          By one render pass you'll only have to press render once, but each comp will render in the same order they appear in the render cue.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            That would require a script. Something like this here could probably be modified to suit your purpose... If indeed you only want to render the pre-comps, then add them normally to the render queue.



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              CS5_CC Level 1

              Thank you both.