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    Possible Bug in ID5.5 When Exporting Images to ePub

    GoldCountry86 Level 1

      Just wanted to relate my experience with exporting images to ePub in InDesign CS5.5. I've already spent the better part of two weeks trying to find a resolution for the problem with Adobe's customer service techs in India. Nice guys, but so far not of much help.


      Here's the problem. when exporting ID documents to ePub, and you're selecting your options in the "Image" export dialog box, you are offered two choices: "Fixed" and "Relative to Page." In theory, "Relative to Page" is the best choice because this means your images will be automatically scaled for the different viewing devices (i.e. iPad, Kindle, mobile phone, laptop). If you select "Relative to Page," however, your images will export with pixilation.


      This may not happen to everyone, but it happened to me, as well as the last tech I spoke in India. I'm using a MacBook Pro running 10.6.7. Don't know what he was using, but he got the same results on his end when exporting an image to ePub using "Relative to Page." For me, the fonts look especially horrible in Adobe Editions. If you select "Fixed," they'll export just fine, (looked great in Adobe Editions and Kindle Previewer), but don't know how fixed size renders in the different devices.


      This particular exchange was last Friday. The tech verified that we had a problem he couldn't solve and told me he had to speak with his "senior," who had already gone home for the weekend. I received an email today informing me that all I had to do was select the high quality performance settings in ID, and the image would look "pretty" while the file was open in the program. Really? I mean, duh. What does that have to do with the EXPORT problem?


      And yes, I know to select the maximum quality setting in export. I'm a photographer who has used Photoshop since the 1990s. Used InDesign, QuarkXpress, and Pagemaker, in reverse order for that long as well, so I know how to prepare a file for print and the web. The techs I've spoken with have assured me I'm selecting the correct settings. Program has not only been uninstalled and reinstalled, but I went the extra drastic step of wiping my harddrive and starting over. No third-party plug-ins installed that didn't come with the original Adobe software. Have the latest ID update. The problem simply doesn't have a solution in my case.


      Oh, well. As I say, nice guys, but this is my third time speaking with tech support about a problem with Adobe software. Not going to try again. IMHO, the customer service system/process could use some work.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We're not Adobe Tech Support here. We're experienced InDesign users and some of us are beginning to learn to use InDesign CS5.5 to create EPUB files.


          I used the "Relative to Page" setting successfully in an EPUB file I created recently.


          However, you've not given us any information that let's us test what you've discovered. Can you give us some steps to reproduce problem, or can you post a file which can test?

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            GoldCountry86 Level 1

            As I said, it may not happen to everyone. Perhaps with a different operating platform or system version it may not happen. I was only reporting it because it happened to not just myself, but to the tech half a world away who shared my screen, saw the problem, and recreated it on his own machine/system.


            Here are the selections in the ePub Export dialog box that caused the problem. I can't imagine that what is selected for TOC settings or other non-image settings would have to do with it, but here they are.


            1. File > Export > Choose ePub as Format

            2. In ePub dialog box: General Settings

            • Include Document Metadata checked
            • ePub Cover, you can select Rasterize first page or Use Existing Image File, makes no difference
            • Ordering, Based on Articles Panel
            • Formatting Options: Leave as Default

            3. In ePub dialog box: Image

            • Preserve Appearance from Layout checked
            • Resolution, doesn't matter what you select, all produces the same result
            • Everything in the first section below this is as default
            • Image Conversion: JPEG (I've been using JPEG, but also tried it with a TIFF, and even a Photoshop file, no difference)
            • JPEG Options: Maximum, Progressive
            • Ignore Object Export Settings: I usually have this checked, but have tried it unchecked, and it made no difference

            4. In the ePub dialog box: Contents

            • Format ePub Content: XHTML
            • Use InDesign TOC Style checked (I've tried the default, and my own TOC style, no difference)
            • CSS Options: I've tried Generate CSS and Use existing CSS template, never used Styles only. Made no difference

            5. Click OK.


            If you need what I do from the beginning...

            1. New file: Print (not web, which tends to not honor the HTML tags on export). I typically chose 1024 x 768 because that's the screen resolution for an iPad.

            2. Command-D, place file. I've tried JPG, TIFF, even Photoshop files of varying resolutions from 72 to 300. Files sizes from 800x600 to 1024x768 to sizes approximately double this. No difference.

            3. Drag cover to Articles Panel and name.

            4. Layout rest of eBook, etc.

            5. Display performance settings while in ID are set to High Quality.

            6. Triple check for errors (always a green light before exporting).


            These are ePub files that have validated, after fiddling with the CSS and XHTML file, as necessary, of course. I don't mess with any image coding.


            That's the steps!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I don't do epub yet, but I suspect the problem is your choice of viewer. I've seen a lot of comments about the age and lack of upgrading on Adobe Digital Editions, and it has been suggested that it is no longer a viable viewer for files being produced in newer software.

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                [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                I agree with Peter S. re: doubts on the viewer.


                The Adobe Content Viewer does not render identical to iBooks on a real iPad -- something we ran into at our very first go at an e-book. So now we only use Adobe's to check if the file opens at all. If so, we upload it to our testPad and check out what it looks like in real life. (For what it's worth: first tentative steps look great, images and all.)


                I don't think there is any software currently on the market that gives a WYSIWYG view of what an epub looks like on a Kindle, Adroid, iPad ... what-have-you-got ... so you'll always would need the actual device to be sure.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I totally agree with Peter and Jongware. When I made my eBooks, I checked it on my iPad, my iPhone, and the readers available on Macs for the Nook and Sony Reader. ADE is only for a quick view, it's not accurate.