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    How to link a Flash Catalyst created SWF file to a Dreamweaver HTML document?


      Hello everyone,


      I am seeking some help adding a Flash Catalyst created SWF into Dreamweaver.


      I have been working with dreamweaver developing webpages in HTML and CSS for about six months now, and I have just recently started to work with Flash Catalyst. My Flash and Flash Catalyst skills are very rough, and mostly self tough through Adobe TV.


      I have just made a simple slideshow in Catalyst. It contains just a few images, and a next/previous button to slide them across. What I am trying to achieve, is to place this interactive Flash file into my personal website to display photos. I exported the FXP file to a SWF, which I placed in a folder titled flash in the root folder for my site. Back in Dreamweaver, I chose "insert, SWF", and selected the main.swf file from the correct folders. Dreamweaver then adds a fairly large section of code to my chosen spot, as well as a link to a .js file. The Flash slideshow does not display in live view nor in Firefox or Chrome (both up-to-date and running the lattest version of Flash player). Addtionally, I viewed the source code for the main.html file that came from Catalyst, and tried to copy the code that was used in that file to work with my own. This rendered the same result.


      Can anyone direct me as how to properly add and link my SWF file to my Dreamweaver HTML file so that it displays and preforms corrently?


      I am happy to provide the code I am using or additional information to a anyone that is willing to help.