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    why am i getting this error while running the javascript for adding watermark from file??

    sandhya_sky is the limit


      I am using adobe acrobat 9 professional .I need to add watermarkfrom file  to a pdf document by clicking  a button on the document which runs the following javascript


      cDIPath: "/C/watermark.pdf",
      nSourcePage: 1,
      nEnd: 9,
      nHorizAlign: 0,
      nVertAlign: 0,
      nHorizValue: 144,

      nVertValue: -72,
      nRotation: 45


      Java debugger prompts the following message while running it


      NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.


      Can anyone please help me out how to get acces to the method addWatermarkFromFile ?