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    Formscentral functionality? Is this what I am looking for?




      I hope somebody here can help me decide if formscentral is the product I am looking for.

      I did contact support in Sweden but they were not able to help me. They did not even know about this product which is a little bit odd when technical support does not know about adobes products.


      Anyhow, what I am looking for is this.


      I have a pdf form document that I have ready as a pdf file. It is a document with predefined labels to enter text.


      My problem is that I want to have this form document online somehow for users around the world to enter the form and then save it to database. Then our moderator should be able to log in and see the saved documents and retrieve the data and print them.


      Can formscentral do this? It is of importance that it is the pdf document that I have, the design cannot change because it is an authority document.


      If formscentral cannot do this, what product do I need? How can this be done.




      1. Users gets online to enter the data into the form. (Doesn't matter here if design differs slightly.)

      2. Saves it.


      3. Moderator enteres the system and sees all saved documents in a list.

      4. Chooses one to get presented the data in the correct pdf form document for printing.


      A system that can save and restore the filled pdf forms.


      Thanks for assistance!