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    Waveform/RGB parade/Vectorscope not updating

    Jon-M-Spear Level 4

      I have 2 issues with the waveform/RGB parade:


      1.  When PP CS5.5 is first loaded. the waveform monitor fails to reflect the current timeline content.  See attached.  It's simple to correct, but irritating, nonetheless.


      2.  When there are 2 or more layers of video, the waveform/RGB parade monitors do not respond to pedestal/gamma/lift adjustments in realtime.  This seems to be happening with Pro-res 16:9 576i, HDV1080p and AVI DV 576i source material.


      It responds correctly only when the source material is not part of any hierarchical structure on the timeline.


      This is very frustrating, as it's nigh on impossible to correct material stacked in a timeline. No other effects are applied. 


      Does anyone else have experience of this and can offer advice?