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    Old Photoshop 5.5

    Maggie_8 Level 1

      Hi, I'm an old Photoshop 5.5 user, this is fine for my purposes, home use and I now cannot afford the expense of an upgrade as back then the original purchase cost me an awful lot of money. My 5.0 and upgrade 5.5 disks will not load on new laptop Windows 7. The option within Win7 of saying software worked on old Windows failed miserably to resolve setup issue.  Am I condemned to MS products for designing or can anyone suggest how I can unlock my lovely 5.5.  I still have my serial number.  Thanks, Maggie

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          Patricia PTD

          Hi Maggie.   I too have "Old Photoshop 6.0   and want to put it on a new  Windows 7 desk top.  Did you ever get your problem resolved with the 5.5 version?



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            Maggie_8 Level 1

            Hi Patricia, No I haven't resolved the problem at all.  I know I've had the software some years and it's only for my own use but I did pay full whack for it totalling something like £ 650 pounds with the 5.5 upgrade, and I really miss having it but am no longer in a position to pay for an upgrade but I was very happy with what I had.  Posting for help on the forum I rather naively thought someone might have written a whizzy driver for old adobe software but I guess there is a lot more to it than that.  Maggie

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              Patricia PTD Level 1

              Hi again Maggie,


              For what it's worth, I have a 5 year old  Dell desktop with XP Home Edition

              (and service pack -3)   that runs Photoshop 6.0 just fine.  I was skeptical

              that it would work when I put it on then, but with the original disc and

              serial number, all has been fine with the software ever since.  If you ever

              get a chance to obtain a similar  old machine for nothing, you might try it

              on that.  I don't know what 650 pounds is, but mine ran about $600 American

              dollars about 10 years ago.  I'm a tile artist and must have this tool to

              handle my photo gallery.


              Since I left the message yesterday, I think I resolved the noisy CPU  fan

              problem which was causing me to consider a new machine big time.  While

              trying to resolve my problem yesterday,  I read in a forum  from Russia that

              alittle sewing  machine oil in the fan cylinder would correct the problem. I

              was hesitant to take the machine apart, as I am not a "tech type" person,

              but it was either that or pitch it out the window      The oil trick was

              like a miracle!  No more loud processor.  I can't even tell that the

              computer is on!  So I may go another couple years with my beloved Photoshop

              6.0 and be grateful!


              Thank you for getting back to my message  and good luck to you too - I'm

              wondering what city you are from ?


              Regards from San Diego California.



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                MTSTUNER Level 6

                You might post this question in the windows photoshop forum:




                I know some people have installed photoshop 5.5 on windows 7.


                Have you tried copying the files for 5.5 off the cd onto your hardrive

                and then running the installer by right clicking and choosing

                Run As Administrator?






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                  Maggie_8 Level 1

                  Hi Patricia, I've had this laptop a year for the improved broadband connection but still have my old Viglen laptop which has XP Pro on it except that ... the screen has gone dark, second time it's happened so may cost an arm and a leg to repair.  I wouldn't darst open it up, might beak my nail ... Am clueless I'll have to ask one of the teccie guys if it's worth repairing the dark screen and see if I can load old Photoshop on it and see if it works.  The next chap has a suggestion which I shall also try.  I went to the Jackson Tile Museum in Iron Bridge (near Telford) in Shropshire last week where they still design and make tiles by hand, absolutely fascinating.  I live in Sherwood, Nottingham (England).  Cheers, Maggie

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                    Maggie_8 Level 1

                    Hi MTSTUNER, thanks for both suggestions.  I did try copying the files to the C drive

                    but when I tried to run 'setup file' on the C drive, I got the message 'the file version is not compatible with this version of Windows, get back to soft

                    ware supplier'.  I haven't tried the Photoshop forum yet so I'll give that a whirl as well, cheers, Maggie

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                      Maggie_8 Level 1


                      Have since had another go at installing as had fish for supper last night, brain food. The problem was upgraded Photoshop 5.5 would not install on Windows 7. So, instead of trying to install original Phshop disk, which always produced a null response on setup, I installed the upgraded disk instead. I browsed the CD contents for setup (ie. not Autoplay setup) on the upgrade disk, and for the first time, had a response. Message said it couldn’t proceed without Photoshop being verified as already installed which of course I haven’t been able to do. But the last option allows you to choose PhShop ‘Media’ so I clicked on this option as the means of verification. Message came up saying I could replace this upgrade disk in order to verify that this was a legitimate install – so I stuck in the original disk again – and it was able to read and verify! So I then removed original disk and re-inserted the upgrade disk, THEN pressed OK, and was able to proceed to install, and put in serial number etc. The software does seem to be working. So thanks for all responses. Cheers, Maggie

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                        Patricia PTD Level 1

                        Thank you MTSTUNER, I'll give it a try.  The reason I needed this help is

                        because my Dell XP tower sounded like a helicopter hovering  in my small

                        studio.  I ran across a forum which recommended taking the fan out and

                        putting one drop of sewing machine oil in the cylinder.    OMG   it was a

                        miracle!  No sound what-so-ever.  Also a little vacuuming didn't hurt.


                        Thanks again for the follow-up.  I still need to know if I can load

                        Photoshop 6.0 onto Windows 7, but the urgency has shifted to a lower

                        priority now that my machine is not sounding like a hurricane. .



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                          Patricia PTD Level 1

                          Maggie, that's GOOD news.   Your efforts are giving me hope that once I get

                          my new computer, my oldie but goodie PS 6.0 will work and do me for the rest

                          of my life!


                          I'm going to research the place you said you saw tile being made.   To me

                          there's nothing more fun than making tile.    If you want to see some of my

                          work visit  PatriciasTile.com


                          Nice to chat again.