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    Generate a WebHelp bypassing the RoboHelp UI




      I work with documentation which is developed and maintained in DITA format. We use DITA Open Toolkit to transform the xml files into a package that contains:

      • HTML files generated from DITA topics,
      • an HHK File,
      • an HHC File,
      • an HHP File,
      • two CSS files, one for left-to-right, the other for right-to-left languages.


      I am wondering whether it would be possible to create a WebHelp project in RoboHelp 9 and generate output ready to be deployed on a web server without involving the user. All the information needed should be in the xml, and I am looking for a way to automate the whole process. So, would it be possible to use any kind of application (.NET, Windows bat, some kind of script) that would perform all the necessary steps using RoboHelp 9?


      Right now, the user in our setup just runs one command to assemble the xml files and transform them into "html help." But the help is still missing all the JavaScripts that make it a WebHelp application, so the user then creates a new WebHelp project in RoboHelp, imports the files and generates the output. Any advice on optimizing the process would be appreciated.