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    Window Component issue

      Hopefully someone has an answer. I have a window component on my main timeline that gets called up on several instances. When the popup window appears, everything looks fine, except that the user can still click on links that are now behind the actual popup window itself. My question is how do I keep those buttons from being active while the popup window is active? This one is driving m crazy, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

      The K-I-Double-D
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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          What I would usually do is to create a function that disables/enables groups of buttons and call it as needed. If you happened to name the buttons in a similarly named/numbered fashion (ex: btn1, btn2, etc) the function itself could be reduced to...

          function enable_disableBtns(){
          for(i=1; i<numberOFBtns+1; i++){
          this["btn"+i].enabled = !this["btn"+i].enabled;
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            stillLrng Level 1
            It makes sense the way you have described, but I should have added in my original post that the buttons are instances of movieclips. I'm still trying to get in the habit of using best practices to build my flash files, but this particular project had a two week deadline, so in favor of getting the project done I had to break a few of my own rules, and now paying the price to go back and rework it the correct way. Here's the URL of the site I am mentioning. >> http://www.haneyprc.com/<< The popups I am mentioning are on the "Our Services" link clicking on the product images, and also on the "About Us" page under innovations clicking on the building image.

            Also, I know it's off subject a little and might also be hard to describe, I need help determining my problem with the navigation. When you click on the image links and they start to move around you can click on another image link before it's reached it's destination and it throws off the navigation. I've added an 'if' clause to move the the destination of the play head if you click another link before the exit of the first oval, but if the next oval starts to move into place before you click another link(say you change your mind) is when the problems occur.

            Again, thank for your help so far and for any help or guidance you can give me on my emerging problems.