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    Adobe Reader X installation issue


      Adobe Reader X installation caused me a very strange, unusual problem. My OS is Win XP SP3 and I have already installed Adobe Acrobat v.9.4.5.

      The installation process went fine, but when my system had to be restarted after the installation at the domain login the system requested me to change my password, because of the expiring. It was very strange, because the PW has been changed 2 weeks before regarding the official 3 months period rule. I did the change now again, but after that I could not reach anyway a https web site (with certificate) and additionally has been destroyed my predefined signature in  the Adobe Acrobat.

      Well, after a longer wrestling with my system I could restore the missed functionalities (I had to remove the Reader too for this). However later I needed again the Reader for a test purpose and after the new installation exactly the same problem happend as above I described!


      Has someone faced with any similar case?


      BR: Dzsenix