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    OSX Lion & Prod. Prem. CS5.5 Compatibility


      I'm one of those who Apple betrayed with their abandonment of their Pro Video customers, and along with masses of my fellow colleagues, have happily switched to Production Premium. I am the owner of a small production company for 11 years, with several active Mac editing bays/ a director / producer / editor, window cleaner, and I empty the trash too .


      Accordingly, I thought it would be prudent and very informative to start a thread with regard to today's release of OSX 10.7 Lion and the corresponding compatibility of any and all Production Premium CS5.5 applications.


      My initial and brief investigation has already revealed some incompatibilities. These can  be found at the following link: http://roaringapps.com/apps:table/tags/_a/index_tags/_a


      Pursuant to the findings at the above link, I have NOT yet upgraded any of our editing workstations to Lion. I thank all contributors, in advance for their collaboration. I too will post back any information I find.


      Let the bruising of the apple begin!...