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    Duplicating Linked Story


      Is it possible to establish a parent/child linked story on one layer, then duplicate the layer and in turn duplicate the linked parent/child?


      For example:


      I have an InDesign document with 2 pages.  A parent text frame is on page one and the child is on page two.  These objects are both on Layer 1. 


      I would like to duplicate Layer 1 and have the parent/child text frames be duplicated as well.  However, I do not want another instance of the parent/child; that is, if I look in the Links pallette I don't want see one linked story but placed twice.  Rather, it would be awesome if InDesign created a NEW parent/child.


      Is this possible?  Or do I have to re-do Edit-->Place and Link Story for every new layer I create that has a new parent/child text frame?