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    Getting a RED LIGHTING TINT on some footage in Premiere Pro

    msp1518 Level 1

      Perhaps this needs to be done in After Effects, but I am not sure.


      We did a reshoot and the DP, well, he wasn't sure of himself and everything shot that day looks way way off. terrible. But we have to use it. No choice. Time is up.


      It's a scene in a club like setting, in a corner, so I would just like to give it a rent tint and make it an artistic choice. Heavy red lighting. Whatever.


      But the stuff is very orange and my experience with the thre way color correction isn't working well. I can't get anything even remotely close.


      Below are two images... The top one an earlier scene with red lighting. Natural, red, mind you. And then below it the very slightly color corrected scene in all of its orange horiibleness. Gross!


      Should I be going into After Effects for this? That would be new territory, for sure.


      My deadline is next Tuesday evening. Gotta somehow meet it.


      Any advice is welcome. I've been on this since yesterday without success.




      Here is an example of the extreme red lighting. That would be fine by me...