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    CS5 AS2 mac projector screen flicker–no flicker from CS3 projector


      I've been working on a flash project for a while using a G5 PowerPC, 10.4.11, Flash CS3 using AS2 and publishing a mac projector/Windows exe. Mac projector has always worked fine. So has the exe. I just upgraded to an iMac, Snow Leopard 10.6.8, AMD card and Flash CS 5.5 v11.5.0.325.


      I'm using the same CS3 AS2 flash file from the old G5 CS3 setup on my new Snow Leopard Mac CS 5.5 setup. When I publish it, the mac projector flickers like crazy. It looks to be an animated png issue. But I have never had that problem on my old slow G5 - the projector always played perfect, no flicker.


      On this CS5.5 generated projector, the flickering occurs on the splash - large png files, but my G3 never had one issue. Also, my small png rollovers flicker - not just the animation. And the screen flickers non stop when there's no mouse activity.


      I copied over a backup of my CS3 generated projector onto my new computer and played it to see if it was a graphics card issue. No flicker! The CS3 projector plays perfect on my new Mac. All content within the two projectors are identical - What gives?


      Why is CS5.5 generated projector flickering, but the exact same file from a CS3 generated projector works perfect on BOTH computers?


      I've spent several hours searching for the answer but can't find a flicker issue similar to mine.


      I don't have bitmap caching enabled. I didn't change any of the default settings in CS5.5. I just copied the CS3 file to my new computer and published it, then I got instant screen flicker. I don't know what other settings to change for projectors. Never had performance issues with projectors or exe files, no matter how old the computer was that was playing the file.


      This must be a Flash setting issue, but I can't find it.


      By the way, the cs5.5 genertated exe file plays like a champ - no issues.



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          phenixpop Level 1

          I just noticed that when I exit full screen mode on the mac projector all flickering goes away. No issues at all. Is this an fs command issue? I thought since CS5 allows you to work in AS2 mode, that all would be good.


          Do I have to use a different method for the full screen mode for projectors when working in CS5.5 AS2? If so, how do I enact full screen mode? This is AS2, not AS3.


          Thanks in advance.

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            phenixpop Level 1

            I also tried publishing the projector in flash player 9 and 10 to see if that would make a difference. It did not. I was publishing in flash player 8 on my old G5 computer and that's what I published it as through CS5.5 as well. That didn't work either. I'm search for some sort of fs command AS2 issue when using CS5.5 to see if I need to change the code, but have not found anything yet.


            It's the full screen mode that is causing the flicker though - only when published from CS5.5. Full screen mode works out of a CS3 projector on both computers.