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    2 Issues with ActionScript/Flash


      Hello, I suppose I'll make this also a little bit of an introduction, I'm a 20something year old Graphic Design graduate, who has found herself working in a small business where everything is done in house. My job skills have had to be stretched a little, as normally my work only involves photoshop, indesign, illustrator, and dreamweaver. I've never used Flash before, but since the company is moving onto digital media and the motorola xoom I've had to pick it up.


      The company I work for has a very large catelog that they put on CD, and they are looking to update it, so I've been making a flash index page for it. The entire catelog is in PDF (bookmarks used as links between various PDF files), but the index page is Flash (I cant acess the origional index file, as it was done several years go).  Basically the elements I'll need are 3 links (for website, install cd catelog, and view cd catelog) 1 exit link, and scrolling text.  So far I've managed to import the links and images and get text on the page, but I've hit a couple major snags.


      1st Issue: Looping the scrolling marquee text. At the top of the index screen I need text to continuously scroll at the top. I tried to find loop codes, but all I found were convoluted tutorials involving 'for' loops and 'for if' loops etc etc and even after reading them several times I have no idea what any of them are saying. I think a lot of these tutorials are made for people who have a basic understanding of flash...I literaly just opened the program today. I was able to figure out the inserting Keyblanks and such so I have text that scrolls across the top screen once (I used tweening for that) but you cant copy or paste, so I'm really at a loss as to how to make the text loop so it continues to scroll across.


      2nd Issue: The installation link has me a bit bothered, mostly because I have no clue where to even begin with this. In the old CD catelogs when you click 'install' the 'instal shield wizard' comes up and downloads to the desktop the entire catelog (the cd catalog itself) and a link to the website. Both of which show up as Buttons on the desktop. So one of the links has to be able to do that...and I am entirely at a loss as to how this works in Flash. Is this type of thing even doable in Flash?


      I know that this is probably asking a lot, even though its only 2 problems, but if anyone would be willing to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!