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    Flashplayer 10  garbage collector problem in flex application

      Hi everybody

      I am developing www.moviestarplanet.com, and are experiencing a super critical problem with flash player 10 (in internet explorer): When using flashplayer 10 (internet explorer) our application completely freezes once every 2-5-10 minutes for 1-10-60 seconds depending on hardware and test scenario. This problem does not occur in flashplayer 9 versions.

      Our app loads and programmatically animates figures in SWF files. This causes a lot of objects to be created by the flashplayer. In one scenario, where we are animating 3 figures, our memory is increasing with 1mb per second and once every 30-40 secs the (flex) application hangs for 60 sec. when the memory usage drops from around 100mb to 80mb. This problem does not exist in flash player 9. That, the exact same scenario with flash player 9 does not freeze.

      This problem is very critical to our app, and a potential showstopper for us and our business, so has anyone experienced something similar and what can be done to work around this problem ?

      For now we have created a cstom downgrade installer, which prompts the user to instal flashplayer 9.0.159 if flashplayer 10 is installed. But this is not acceptable and we are losing way to many users on that account.

      A version of moviestarplanet allowing flashplayer 10 can be accessed at www.moviestarplanet.com/index2.html if anyone is interested.