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    Disk Configuration - size and speed?

    nantoskey Level 1

      As per forum recommendations , I want to use onboard raid0 for Pagefile, Media Cache because the burst rate for the small Media Cache files is better on the raid0.  Since I need 2  matched drives, how large and fast Gb/s is typically sufficient? 




      Also, as far as recommended isolated drives for exports (& trimmed projects I'm thinking) …  should I go as fast and large as I can afford?  Or larger rather that faster according to budget, so more room for storage?




      C: [1 x 300 Gb 10K rpm drive] OS, programs - CURRENT


      D: [raid0, 2 7200 drives] Pagefile, Media Cache (on-board) - NEED


      E: [raid5, 4 x 1T 7200  3Gb/s drives] Media, Projects, Previews (LSI/3Ware97504i) - CURRENT


      F: [1 drive] Exports, Trimmed Projects  - NEED


      Thanks, NAN