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    Hiding sidebars in Reader X while in Full Screen Mode


      I'm using Reader X.  I opened a one page file (with links to a second file) in Full Screen Mode.  All menus and side bars are hidden. Clicked on a link to open a new document. The second document has a Form Field.  I got the purple bar at the top to hide.  I'm now looking to hide the navigation bars on both sided of the PDF.


      Here are my preference settings for Documents

      Checked    Restore last view settings

      Unchecked Open cross-docs

      Unchecked Allow layer state

      Checked    allow documents to hide menu bar...


      Preference settings for Full Screen

      Unchecked   Current document only

      Checked      Fill screen on page at a time

      Unchecked  Alert when doc requests....

      Checked     Escape key exits

      Unclick       Show navigation bar

      Check         Left click to go foward

      Unclick       rest of the way son.


      Preference settings for Forms

      Check        auto calc

      Check        show focus triangle

      Check        Show text field overflow

      Uncheck    Always hide form menu bar

      Uncheck    Show border hover color



      Thanks for your help