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    What is eating up my C:\ drive?


      I have been using CS5 and now CS5.5 for a while now - primarily Premiere Pro and Encore.  Today I got the Windows warning that space was 'critically' low on my C drive.   And, I have ensured that cache files and the like are written to non C: drives. 


      I had windows 'clean up' the disk and that freed up some, but there still is little space.   I noted the free space before starting another disk burn in Encore, and it was 593,231,872 bytes.  After running for about 10 minutes the free disk space was  593,190,912.  After about 15 minutes, 592,957,440.


      So what is Encore writting to my C:\ drive and how can I find them and delete them. . .   ?


      Or Can I?



      Sorry - I have since posted this in Encore.  .  .  It may pertain to Premiere Pro - so, if you have any ideas from a Premiere Pro perspective, I would like to hear them.