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    Process Maangement - Assign Task - cannot continue process

    mpower17 Level 1


      I have a process that sends an SWF form to a user.

      The user is given two options, 'Send Back' or 'Compete'.


      However when the user clicks either of these the process goes no further.

      When I record and play back I see that neither of the options have been followed.


      It looks like the 'Assign Task' stem is not correctly completed.


      How could I debug this further?


      Thanks in advance,




      Category: Process Management
      Service Name: UserServiceV2


      Workspace User Interface
      Default : True
      Must open the form to complete the task: True


      Presentation & Data
      use an application asset: True
      Asset: myForm.swf
      Action Profile: Default
      Variable formData
      ResourceUri: Form URL


      User Actions
      Action Name: Send Back
      Action Name: Done