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    Mac Lion implications


      The demise of OSControl xtra was already an enormous problem for past and current projects, but my life just got a lot worse today with the release of the Lion operating system. Projectors created with Director MX 2004 or earlier are now kaput. I have two commercial products that Mac users won't be able to use, and I'll soon be hearing from current owners of the programs. The projects are heavily dependent on OSControl, so "updating" the projects to Director 11.5 would take an enormous amount of time, and it would really amount to downdating, as the Director buttons and checkboxes are so crude.


      I assume I'm just screwed, but if anybody has any ideas I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. Sounds like there's not much of a future for projects like mine in Director. I'm less than thrilled about learning an alternative platform at the spritely (pun intended) age of 57, but please let me know if you have any ideas.





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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          Yeah, there is no way to use OSControls on Director 11+ for Mac, thus Lion will not play your program.  You will have to rework it to not use OSControls.  That is the only thing to do right now.  There was a rumour a few months ago that someone bought OSControls, but no one has published anything about it, so it may just be nothing.  Valentin Schmidt has stared developing a QT xtra which would do pretty much the same stuff as OSControls (and more, since QT can be used to write a whole OS not just an application interface).  Currently, it is still in beta, and only for PC, but he has said that a Mac version will be coming eventually.  The current beta version can be downloaded from:




          You can search through the Direct-L archives for some more info (look for messages where the subject contains "qtWidgets" and the sender contains "dasdeck")

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            HRRC Level 1

            I'm in the exact same situation as Bruce.