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    Can't Delete Frames


      I am very new to flash. I have a marketing video with audio  that is very long,  I need to delete  frames 20 - 1430 from  the .fla to make it shorter. I hope I'm using the terminology correctly, I essentially want to cut out frames 21 - 1429; all the images, the audio and the frames themselves, essentially make it be like they were never there.  I'm having lots of problems, I can't even seem to select the frames properly. I followed these insutruction:




      then edit/timeline/remove frames and nothing happened. The frames are still there. I have tried a number of ways to approach this, and I have researched everywhere, and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I would so appreciate some help!


      Can anyone tell me what the easiest and best way to do this is?  I need to have the result be a .fla, because I will have to edit some objects/actions down the line. Or if the process is very quick, and creates a .swf, I could do that each time as well.


      I have the full Creative Suite Master collection 5.5, so it dosen't have to be in flash.


      Thanks for reading!

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          relaxatraja Level 5

          Better try to edit your video file externally using Adobe premier or try with media encoder to crop it out. and again the embed the clip on the timeline. you get solved.

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            I encountered a similar problem. Here is how I solved it.


            First, just to be clear:


            Deleting frames from individual layers - To add frames to individual layers of your movie, the keyboard shortcut is: F5 (select layers, then click F5). To delete them, usually all you need to do is select the frames you wish to delete and then use the keyboard shortcut Shift+F5 (Windows).


            Deleting frames from all layers of the movie (global) - Similarly, to add frames to all layers of your movie, place your cursor in the timeline at the top, and use the same keyboard shortcuts noted above.


            What I discovered was that any CLOSED folders included in my movie layers causes Flash to refuse to delete frames when I try to delete them globally. So I tried manually opening all my folders. Still no luck. Then I tried placing my cursor in the layers on one of my open folders, right-clicked to open context sensitive menu, and chose "Expand all folders". And voila. I was able to then place my cursor in the timeline and delete frames globally using the usual Shift+F5 command.


            Please try this and let me know if you achieve success. I know how irritating this can be!

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              rebbym Level 1

              This was helpful! Once I expanded everything, I could select and delete. Flash appears to have cut out the part I wanted, but when I run after publish, the audio is out of sync, it's seems like it cut the audio from the end towards the front, not chop out the piece I thought I removed  in the middle.




              Thanks for the response!

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                rebbym Level 1

                I have cs5 on 32 bit  products you mention seem to require 64

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                  relaxatraja Level 5

                  thats why I suggested to do the things from the editing software to still have your audio to be sync.