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    Download assistance


      Trying to download adobe digital edition to nook color, so I can download free books from our local library, get message that system does not meet the minimum system requirements.  Any advice?  I have Digital editions on my home PC, will that help?

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          This sounds like a procedural problem.  You don't download DE to your Nook.

          You go to B&N's website and register it with them, using your DE user name

          and password.  Then you attach it to your PC, bring up DE on your PC, and DE

          should do the rest.  In broader terms, DE is doing the heavy lifting here -

          and the Nook gets only the ebook itself in the proper format so its own

          software can interact with you as you read the ebook.


          The other half is how to transfer ebooks from the library via DE to your

          Kook.  The library should have a set of instructions on how to do this.  It

          should be relatively straightforward.


          Hope this helps!


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            Rangalakshmi R

            Re:"system does not meet the minimum system requirements" .



            Solution: Please go through the following link that says the minimum system requirements for Adobe® Digital Editions.
            Please make sure that the minimum system requirements are met.