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    2x2-up saddle stitch


      hi i was wondering if anyone on the forums had come across this issue i've been having cause it's driving me mad.


      I'm trying to print a brochure currently with a page size of a5, now i've been able to get indesign to print the borchure with a 2-up saddle stitch (results in 4 pages being printed 2-front,2-back). Im currently printing on oversized a3 paper and i was wondering if indesign was capable of printing the next page below  therefore printing 4pages on the front and 4 on the front below:

         FRONT           BACK
      ------------------    ------------------
      | 1     |   2 2|    |  2  |    21   |

      What i want:


      1         22        2            21 
      4         20        3            19

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Print Booklet is not capable of this imposition pattern. You'd need to either print to file and distill a PDF (Mac Snow Leopard) or to PDF (Windows & earlier versions of OSX) and then place that in a new .indd file, or purchase an imposition plugin of some sort. Many users here mention Quite Imposing for Acrobat as relatively inexpensive and capable of doing this sort of imposition.

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            Quite CJ Level 1

            Hi Matt,

            Since we've been mentioned, you can either do this simple imposition with Quite Imposing 3 or Quite Imposing Plus 3. Both should be able to do it fine, but if you want to save your setups with an XML that you can use later you might like to check out Quite imposing Plus 3, which has Automation Sequences and many other advanced features.

            Here is a temporary number for both so you can test drive it before you purchase.


            Quite Imposing 3
              Expires end 9/2011  Serial 2811-9610-7733-7066  Code 4275
            Quite Imposing Plus 3
              Expires end 9/2011  Serial 9460-7202-3654-0517  Code 6368

            Once loaded checked out Getting Started tech sheet - go to our Imposition Control Panel and click on the ? button.....then click the Getting Started button.
            Lots of good information on signature setups and Step-by-step Instructions and New features. Or http://www.quite.com/imposing/techsheet/
            I also have movies you can watch.

            If you have any questions just let us know and we'll be happy to help.

            Charles James
            Technical/Marketing Director