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    I have downloaded my ebooks.com



      Please I need your help.

      I have downloaded my book from ebooks.com, but the problem is the file cant open in digital edition or PDF reader.

      How to remove the DRM?


      If anyone can please let me know I can send you the book file.


      Thanks for all


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          Hmmm...  There's not much information in your post, so it's difficult to

          tell what may be causing your problem.  You haven't given us any error

          messages either, which would help pinpoint what the issues may be.  And we

          can't tell whether you're experienced with this software and are having a

          problem just with one download or not, so we have no basis for reference.


          Dealing just with what you've said so far:


          You haven't told us what format the ebook is in, but you've said you can't

          open it in either Digital Editions (ADE for short) or PDF reader.  ADE does

          support PDF formats, but a PDF reader does not support the usual format for

          ebooks (epub).  We need to have you confirm the format of the ebook.


          Next, there is a process you must follow in order to get the download to

          work properly.  That starts with how and when you hook up your ereader (an

          assumption on my part), and choosing the format for the download from the

          website that has the book.


          I can address the statement you made about 'removing DRM' : it's not

          removeable.  If digital rights have been assigned by the publisher, Adobe

          must act according to them.



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            gcauley123 Level 1

            Thank you for your reply,

            here is my book i uploaded it here.



            hope you can do that..

            Actually I dont know more info about these issues.

            but as i read, there is many issues here in discussions about downloading from ebooks.com


            thanks you