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    Importing swf into FB 4.5 doesnt scale?


      OK So heres my issue. I have a flash file that has the dimentsions of:  550 by 440 the document is suppose to be sclaed down to 305 by 201.


       <fx:DesignLayer d:userLabel="Flash">
                          <s:MovieClipSWFLoader includeIn="CharacterRecordScreen,FromCharacterRecord_Inventory,Inventory,MainWindowScreen,ShopWindowScreen,SpellsWindow"
                                                     x="459" y="52" width="305" height="201"
                                                     loadForCompatibility="true" maintainAspectRatio="false"


      This is the code in FB 4.5 that loads the SWF. notice the width and size.


      When running the application this is my result: