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    To get some response time from server and show wait messages.




      I have a form guide based on a data model of XDP. The fields on the XDP are having an wsdl data conncetion, which invokes a LC process and the data connection to the fields help them prefill certain values returned from the server. This is happening on the form guide as well. SO the flow is like this, i give URL to open a form guide (this opens in browser), i fill one of  the detail say , Serial no of the Student, and then click on a "find" button, so that its details can be retrieved. Upon click of that button, in backhand, there is execute of  WSDL which helps in prefiillin this infromation(other details of Student, Name , age etc) on the guide. Now this involves certain time lag between the invocation and final response observred on the form guide.


      What we ideally want is , if we can get some wait kind of message , or some hour glass icons for that period of time so that ..user wouldnt keep on hitting that button. We also thinking of an solution in which we could disable the button and then re-enable when the information is filled. How can we keep track of that .?
      Does that need some javascript .?


      Any responses appreciated.