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    Acrobat Reader Versions and saveAs, exportXFAdata Problems

    eidenscm Level 1

      We use generate Forms with Reader Extension Save enabled.

      The forms are then opened within Acrobat Reader. In the onClose Event a Script called "saveXMLData" is called. This script is install in the javascript folder of the reader installation.


      The script :

      var saveXMLData = app.trustedFunction(function(doc)




                bCopy: true,

                bPromptToOverwrite: false });









      Using Acrobat Reader 7, eveything worked fine.


      Using Acrobat Reader 9 "saveAs" crashes the Application after the document is saved and the filled in Data is not saved.

      Without the saveAs function, at least the export File is generate but the data that where filled in are missing.


      Using Acrobat Reader X "saveAs" crashes the Application as well. Leavin out the saveAs function, the export File is generated as expected. Thus the filled in data values are saved.


      Using Acrobat X Pro everything works as with Acrobat Reader 7.


      Our Problem is that the customer uses Acrobat Reader 9. Are there expected incompatibilities with the different versions. Does anybody know any workarounds, settings?



      By the way disabling extended security does not help.