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    indesign server scripting, export pdf, arab chars, right to left


      i'm using indesign server scripting(vb.net) for exporting the pdf, for the arabic chars after exporting the charecters get reversed.


      actual: 144 عدد الصفحات       (google translate )


      after placing in indesign textframe, after exporting it becomes like



      144 طويخلا ددع .


      you can see it is exactly opposite. it should be mirrored and right to left.



      i've tried below options,


      with changeTextPreference

      .DigitsType = InDesignServer.idDigitsTypeOptions.idArabicDigits
                                  '.Justification = InDesignServer.idJustification.idRightJustified
                                  '.ParagraphDirection = InDesignServer.idParagraphDirectionOptions.idRightToLeftDirection
                                  '.CharacterDirection = InDesignServer.idCharacterDirectionOptions.idRightToLeftDirection
                                  '.ParagraphJustification = InDesignServer.idParagraphJustificationOptions.idArabicJustification
                                  '.KeyboardDirection = InDesignServer.idCharacterDirectionOptions.idRightToLeftDirection
                                  '.Kashidas = InDesignServer.idKashidasOptions.idDefaultKashidas


      please help me out.