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    Place Text — Page Breaks?


      I am trying to create a close-to-automated layout for a technical publication. I have a repeated combination of text frames and put about the necessary number of frames on the first page. Since the text flowing into the frames are of varied length, I can't make a static layout of frames for each page. When I place the text, the frames push down past the artboard, not continuing on the next page. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          No idea at all what you are doing. Please post some screen shots, and give a fulldescription of where the text is and how it gets into the frames. And tell us your version of ID and OS.

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            kt_moser Level 1

            Sorry for the lack of clarity. I am using InDesign CS5 on OSX 10.

            This is the original layout (hard to see, I apologize), the black lines are relationships using Typefi's Autofit plugin. All of these text frames are linked.


            When I flow the text in (by placing a word document in the first frame), it is correctly formated at the start,


            but at the end of the page, it runs to the edge of the pasteboard, where I would rather have a page break occur at the bottom margin.



            Hope that's easier to follow!

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I don't use the plugin, but it seems to me that this is going to be inevitable. If you have x frames on the page that are threaded, but the Typefi plugin is going to change the size of some or all of those frames, how exactly would you expect it to know to delete any frame that extends beyond the lower margin?