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    Things I'd love to see in Adobe Premiere Elements 10

    lupaie Level 1


      - Projects start up without presets

      - Auto preset on import



      - Smooth Interface

      - Eliminated unnessary tabs

      - Streamlined Iconinterface

      - Easy and Expert mode

      - Cuttingtool is easier to use


      - 64 bit support for Microsoft Windows 7

      - Mercury Playback Engine


      I teach students how to edit. We chose Elements because it was easier than Pro, but it seems more and more complex by each update...What would you like?


      I am having trouble with the many icons that are scattered all over the place. Below the previewwindow, on top of the timeline, left, right, everywhere. Some icons looking almost identical and the menu...I mean the TAB, it's just asking for trouble.


      There is the T icon, then there a Title's tab. Students many times mistake one for another. The TAB's. Sure, There are only 5 icons per TAB. So why not streamline it. There are tabcolors already. Please expand that concept. Make mini-icons for the subtab options (5 per tab. Color them the same color as their parentTAB. Then ....Remove the TAB and align the icons next or below each other. A user can then directly click on EFFECTS instead of having to navigate to TAB-EDIT then TAB EFFECTS. Same goes for the import-option. Why o Why must their be so many levels of navigation. Just add the import-icon to the PARENT level and then make it expand when users/click on it. Users can then directly click on FROM DV-CAM (for example) without ever opening a TAB. It's just a ONE click proces. In this process you can create easy catagories and even place the SAVE and UNDO options into your icons Toolset, just under a different color.


      In the end you'll only have a very clean interface. Previewwindow including playmechanics, Timelines with only the most basic icons like the scissor. (removing or hiding all the eyecandy effects ontop of the timelines). Your Toolset(all projectmanagement icons in 1 place) and the projectmanager. I'll draw an updated interface when I am done here. Update soon.