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    how much should one put one a skin?

    miguel8312 Level 3

      Recently i was working on a custom panel and i noticed that i can put buttons on my skin and conversely i can use code in my skin to respond to those button click events. however it seems wrong and some articles i have read i have see people mentioned that putting functionality inside a skin is actually bad practice. So i guess here is my question. It appears skins are very powerful from what i have done so far however i'm afraid to abuse them. so is it ok to say embed a button for a panel on a skin and have the skin respond to the click event? in other words if a put a button on a skin and this button is going to minimise my panel and move it to the left side of my monitor for example is that ok? or should i be creating a custom panel component and then adding my buttons into that component then adding the skin style? I'm just confused and like to hear from others  how you guys do it whats best practice?.

      Is rather simple to have a button button on a skin and have the skin respond to that event within the skin. is that the right thing to do?

      Thanks in advance for any suggestion i can get back from you guys.