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    Making book in Flash

    Alan Smithee Level 1

      I want to make this effect in my website where there are books on shelf and when you click on one say the "About" book it comes off of the shelf and flips open onto the screen and shows the text written in the book on what my website is about. Im not really sure on how to go about this. I dont want a application where you have to flip the pages or whatever i want it to be a static page but it just flips open like a book.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Overall this is a fairly complicated design you are after.  If you don't have much experience using Flash, then you'll have to get some by trying things and figuring out how to manage some of what you want to get done.  Parts of it could require some timeline animation, while others would be better resolved using Actionscript.  You aren't likely to get lessons in a forum for doing this, but one approach you could take is to look into the page flip designs and see how to adapt that into what you want to do as far as the book opening goes.  You should try searching Google using terms like "Flash book opening effect" or "Flash book animation" and see if anyone has prepared something for you to start with, or has otherwise asked the same question and been directed to something to help them.

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