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    Generating Peak files is taking forever


      I have a Dell M6500 with a quad processor, win7 64 bit, 16GB of memory and a ton of available disk space but every time I import video files, the"Generating Peak fie" takes forever.  My average file is 1GB and I'm editing together three of them.  It's always the last file that I import that hangs.  Yesterday at quitting time it had run for 4 hours and was still going - this morning it had completed.  I have 200 of these files to edit - what can I do to speed this up?

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          Stevedocmaker Level 1

          That seems way too long. First of all, whatever you do, DO NOT check the box in media preferences that says something like "keep cache files with the originals".  I accidentally had this checked and the program wanted to generate new peak files EVERY time I opened a project.


          I have noticed that some file types seem to take longer than others.  Perhaps you could try transcoding a file into a few different formats and see if any work better than your native files?

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Creating .pek files is primarily a disk intensive process.  You mentioned your hard drive (singular) has plenty of space.  Ideally with Premiere Pro you want a minimum of three drives.


            C: Windows and Programs

            D: Projects and Scratch (.pek files will end up here)

            E: Media