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    Funny text rotate padding behavior


      Anyone run into this issue where when you rotate a label, the padding around it gets a little messed up?   I outlined the borders of the box just to know where the boundaries are.  There is a label within the box.  When i rotate the label, the text ends up outside the box.  Like so.


           T    |          |

           e    |         |

           x    |          |

           t     |



      And when i uncomment out button "boo" and comment out the label, the GUI is layed out as expected.

      Code is as follows:




      <mx:HBox height="100%" width="5%" paddingTop="10" borderColor="0x888888" borderThickness="1" borderStyle="solid">




      <!-- mx:Button label="boo">


      </mx:Button -->




      <mx:Label id="idchart2" textAlign="center"




      mystyle1" text="Risk in Bps">








      Thanks in advance.