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    RoboHelp adds 0 padding to tables?!

    Chicago_HPT Level 1

      I am creating HTML help in RoboHelp 8.x by importing Word 2003 documents. RoboHelp adds padding-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px: padding-bottom: 0px; to my <td> elements after the padding: 0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; that carries over from the imported file (the padding used in the Word document). So the inserted code takes precedence.


      Similarly,  I have a style sheet that I apply to the resulting HTM files. However, regardless of the styles in the CSS, the inserted code will naturally take precedence. The really, truly bizarre part of all this is that this code seems to be inserted dynamically, when I open a topic!


      I know, bizarre, right? If I use the Edit > Find and Replace in Files feature from the menu to find padding-left: 0px; (or any of the other padding-xxx style text) then RoboHelp returns no instances/topics with that text. Similarly, if I use an external text editor, such as TextPad or Notepad++, they not only won't find the text on searching but when I examine the HTML in the text editor, the inserted padding-xxx: 0px; isn't in the document!


      What the heck is going on here? Does anyone know why it does this? Does anyone know if there is some way to fix my tables without having to search every topic individually?! That's dozens, if not hundreds of topics. Using the Edit > Replace feature works on a per-topic level (weird) but it is really annoying because once I search for padding-xxx 0px; the next time I need to do it (the next topic) I find that RoboHelp has escaped out the semicolon in the drop-down list so I have to either retype my search or I have to select the one that's there and then delete the \ that RoboHelp inserted before the semicolon.


      Anyone know what's going on?


      Many thanks,