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    URL rewriting looses swf

    eprevot123 Level 2

      I use FlashBuilder to create a Flex/PHP project, and it seems to work like that (tell me if I'm wrong):

      => Flex project : a .swf and .html are generated

      => PHP project : a .php is generated and copy link to .swf and .html

      I open my browser on http://localhost:8888/myPHPProject/public/bin-debug/myFlexProject.php

      I see the application, evrything is fine.


      But I don't want to use this URL, I would like to have http://localhost:8888/myFlexProject

      So I try to use URL rewriting (never used it before) ans set a .htaccess with this rule :

      RewriteRule ^myFlexProject$ /myPHPProject/public/bin-debug/myFlexProject.php


      Then my browser just shows me a blank page. Code source shows the code of myFlexProject.php so redirection seems ok, but it's like it can't find myFlexProject.swf.


      What do I have to change in myFlexProject.php ?

      Or do you know another method to have a nice url ?