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    pdf doesnt open properly in ie6-7 on sharepoint server


      This is one of the silliest things I have seen -- i am not the head developer or in charge of the server and i dont care about that. in fact because they botched it, it has allowed me to notice this


      KYTC Planning's maps(pdf) on the new site(Lets say-http://transportation.ky.gov/Planning/Pages/Count-Maps.aspx) are not properly displaying in ie6-7 but fine in 8,firefox,chrome. Here is where it makes me scratch my head, on the old site (http://www.planning.kytc.ky.gov/maps/count_maps/count_maps.asp-it still works for some reason) they work fine in all browsers. Which leads me to believe its a sharpoint vs ie6-7 thing. Which makes no sense to me how or why that could be an issue.


      Because of EXOR the cabinet is not allowed to upgrade past ie6 so dont just say upgrade your browser.