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    Letterbox bars change colour with camera angle

    VideOh Level 1

      I published a DVD through Encore, from MPEG-2 DVD footage exported from Premiere using Premiere's preset; the footage is of a live event which used two very similar HD sony camcorders (footage was shot in 1440x1080 HD). On my own widescreen TV the result looked good, and filled up the whole TV (no letterboxing). But on a slightly older widescreen TV the DVD played with the bars at the top. This in itself is no issue, except that with one camera angle the bars are black, and with the other they are sometimes varying shades of gray.


      The only explanation I could think of is that I subjected the footage to a lot of (quite necessary) colour correction in Premiere. However, both cameras' footage received this, and in any case it is not as though the bars were part of the video I was exporting or applying effects to. I know certain TVs sometimes have gray bars instead of black; but for this one the gray bars are sometimes light gray, sometimes dark gray, and sometimes black (such that both cameras have black bars sometimes).


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.