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      I'm trying to create an interactive pdf using CS4. The document is going to be about 10-20 pgs when set and done. I already created the rollovers for every button and all it needs is for the button to work to get to its respected link within the same document. Anyways, my question is I'm having trouble creating each link that will go from each respected pages ex: main then click to the 5th page stuff like that. I was setting the links up on hyperlinks for each respected pages but every time I test it once I click on the respected buttons it doesn't go the link I define on InDesign its only staying on the main page. I make sure when generating the pdf I click on bookmarks, hyperlinks, and interactive elements links on the dialog box. Need some help please.... 


      Just an fyi that my main page is a flowchart once click on the respected box it will go to that page etc..


      Thanks in advance,


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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Here is what I do for navigation buttons. I will create a bookmark anchor on the designation page. Usually there is a heading (i.e. Chapter 1, etc.) that I will select, and then from the Bookmark panel > New Bookmark (creating the bookmark Chapter 1). On the page with the nav button, select the button with the Button Panel active. Add an Action. Select the "Go to Anchor" and below that, select the desired Text Anchor. Repeat for all buttons.

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            lpTFB Level 1

            Hi Jeffrey,


            I'm encountering this problem of I can't make any selection on the Text Anchor field any ideas why. Thanks TxtAnchor.jpg

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The tricky part of making hyperlinks to particular pages is that you have to create the HYPERLINK DESTINATIONS first. That's why they don't show up.


              Go to your first destination page. From the Hyperlinks panel, choose New Hyperlink Destination. Choose either a Page or Text Anchor. To create the latter you have to select the text that is the destination. Nothing will appears on the Hyperlinks panel but the information has been stored.


              Then create the HYPERLINK, and when you choose Page or Text Anchor the Destination will be come available to target.

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                Have you already created the Text Anchor (Bookmark)? Your screen capture indicates that none are created. Bookmarks and Hyperlinks, although accomplishing the same end result, are indeed different. Also, do you have the correct document targeted?

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                  lpTFB Level 1

                  I created the Bookmark (see below) do I have to create a separate Text Anchor also if there is a separate tab. If so I'm having a hard time finding the tab for it the only one I'm seeing with the Text Anchor is the selection on the Buttons tab. I do have the correct document targeted. Thanks again for responding to my question right away.



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                    Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                    OK you have created a bookmark, but unfortunately not a text anchor. To a create a text anchor (when created appears in the bookmark panel) do the following:

                    1. On the destination page Order Placed, does that text exist? If so you can use. If not, create a frame containing it.

                    2. Select (highlight) the text  "Order Placed"

                    3. Now on the Bookmark Panel, from the flyout, select Add New Bookmark.

                    4. A text anchor bookmark is now available (notice it has different icon).


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                      lpTFB Level 1

                      Thanks Jeffrey it worked.... I really appreciate your help. Thanks again