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    Organizer has stopped working


      Getting an error message that Elements 9

      Organizer has stopped working. Two

      calls to tech support has not solved

      problem. Uninstalled program and all

      related files and re-installed but still get

      same error. Also get error in PSE9.

      Running Windows Vista. Any body have a solution?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It could be any number of things. But, if tech support can't help you, it's not likely we can either.


          Unless there's something obvious -- like space or formatting of your hard drive(s).


          Have you got at least 20-30 gigs of free, defragmented space on your C drive? if you are editing to a second drive, have you ensured that it's formatted NTFS?


          If you've got lots of space and you defragment every week, try running Advanced System Care.


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            cteix89 Level 1

            Steve: Thanks for responding. I have plenty of space on my HD (~180GB) and have defragmented the drive along with other clean ups with no solution.


            I am really ticked with Adobe, their last support person took control of my computer remotely, moved files out of several Adobe folders to the desktop and then when we got disconnected (or hung up on), the support person never called back (even though I was asked for a call back number) leaving me in limbo. I then un-installed both Premiere Elements (PE) and Photoshop Elements (PSE), both v9, and re-installed but still have the same problem.


            I went back and traced the steps as follows:


            -When I open PE and select Organize from the welcome screen I get the "Elements 9 Organizer has stopped working and windows will close the program". If instead I select open or new project from the welcome screen, PE will open with the Organize screen in view (organize, edit, disc menus, share task bar) and the program appears to be up and running. However, if I select Organizer from the upper right corner, the error message appears and program shuts down.


            If I open PSE and select organize I get the same error. If instead I select edit (edit, create, share) the program appears to open OK until I select Organize and the error appears again.


            Sorry for the long explanation.