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    Embedded font is not displayed in PDF


      Hi All,


      I have an issue with a PDF document. I see 3 embedded fonts int the docu (under file -> properties -> fonts): Arial-BoldMT, ArialMT, Helvetica. If I open the document, I can only see hieroglyphs.



      If I open the document on any other client, there is no issue at all. If I copy this to Word 2003, the real text will be displayed there. So I tried to download and install the fonts. After I installed ArialMT the page was displayed a bit bether.




      Can you tell me why I do not see the text in the PDF properly, and how to fix the issue?


      I know, that I can install the fonts. But:

      • I can not find the font Arial-BoldMT in the internet
      • I want to use the embedded font, and I want to now what should I do to make it work


      Many thanks in advance!




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          Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

          Possible causes I can think of offhand:


          Fonts not properly embedded

          Fonts showing as garbage are not the embedded ones.

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            Mr_DNA Level 1

            Hi Claudio!


            Thanks for the quick responce.

            If the fonts are not correctly embedded, then why are they shown perfectly on every other computer?

            As I was checking the fonts of the PDF in Word, I saw what kind of fonts they are. As I checked the document properties in the PDF, there were the same fonts embedded. Additionally, after I installed one of the fonts local to my computer, some of the fonts were displayed correctly. Therefore I think the garbage fonts, are the ones embedded.

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              ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              MT fonts typically won't be embedded when using an Adobe product due to licensing issues. Does it say embedded next to the font in the document properties of the PDF?

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                Mr_DNA Level 1

                Hi graffiti,


                thanks for the responce.

                The "Fotav" is one of the biggest companies in Hungary. I think they buyed the licens to use the fonts in their PDF. Actually the PDF is working fine on every other computer, only on mine does it have problems. So I think it's more a client-configuration issue.

                Here is a screenshot what I see under the document properties.



                Actually, as you suggested, there is now speak about "embedded" there. But then why does the document work on every other client?

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                  Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  None of those are embedded, the PDF file simply includes a mapping table of character codes. The application displaying the PDF will therefore look on the user's system for a matching font, and if it's not found will use a default font of a similar shape (e.g. if ArialMT is not installed, it may use Helvetica).


                  If the Unicode mapping of the installed font is not the same as the mapping table stored in the PDF file, you will see jumbled-up characters on the page - which is why it's important to embed all non-core fonts if a document has to look the same on every computer. The only situations where embedding fonts is not recommended is form fields with Unicode or Asian/Chinese fonts where the number of characters in the font make it far too large to embed completely. Static text on a page can usually be embedded even if it's taken from a very large font, as Acrobat will only include the glyphs it needs (called subsetting).

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                    Pera Tut

                    I am having same problem in Sweden!

                    special Swedish characters not showing right.