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    .swf file won't play on any in house computer except the one it was rendered on


      So, I work in a company that does some animation. I handle the website and uploading our stuff to it. The animator upstairs makes the stuff. He rendered out the file as a .swf, a html and a flv. He says he did it the same as he always does it, which is fairly often and he is definitely competent. The file plays in the browser on his computer (a mac).


      He transfered the file to several of us to test where the problem is. On mine (mac), two coworkers (also macs), and a pc the files do nothing when opened in a browser, blank white screen. The icons for the files are also just a blank page. We can all play the other .swf files from the website, both on the site and downloaded to our comps.


      Flash player has been updated on them all. He has re-rendered them with different file names. We are transferring them over our network.


      We need to get this animation on the web and I have no idea whats up with these files. Anyone got any ideas?