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    ASUS ProArt Series PA246Q

    Islanders66 Level 1

      I'm building my first system and the Asus PA2446Q appears to be a good value for the $500 price range. It does come calibrated.


      http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/42204-asus-pa246q-proart-24- ips-monitor-review.html


      Would the NEC PA241W for $800 be a better value for long term?


      Or is this spending too much on a 24'' monitor? The other option would be a HP or Dell etc for about $350 or less that I could use for a side computer and later get a better one when I can afford it.


      With the prices of monitors all over the place from $2000 and up to a few hundreds I'm struggling to find a good approach.


      any adivice from the experts would be greately appreciated!