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    Compress Video for DVD


      I am having trouble compressing a video for DVD. I can't get it to compress down to a small enough size to fit for DVD and still hold that HD quality. The video is only 1hr20min should  be plenty to fit onto a disk. Help this is extremely frustrating.

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          DVDs aren't "HD quality;" they're SD. You may have to lower your expectations a bit.


          The simple solution is to send your sequence to Encore with Dynamic Link; Encore will transcode using the maximum bit rate that will still allow the video to fit in the limited space of a DVD. Select your sequence in the Project panel, and go to File > Adobe Dynamic Link > Send to Encore. The sequence will be sent to Encore and placed in a timeline; from there, you can transcode immediately or wait until it's time to build the DVD.

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