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    Create project automate folder creation

    masterkrang Level 1

      Hey, I was hoping I could get some information about how to automate project creation in Flash Builder. I usually use the same classes and folders in Flash Builder, for example, I always create assets/images, assets/xml etc, also create folders for comps, fla's, ai files etc. Is there a way to tell Flash Builder to create these folders automatically when I create my project? Thanks.

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          SunilAdobe Adobe Employee

          Currently there is no mechanism to plugin to project creation process, the best I think you could do is a write a batch script and invoke it manually after creation of the project, you can configure to run external programs in Run -> External Tools and pass eclipse variables like $ to the batch file and create folders.


          You can probably assign a shortcut to it or put it as part of the toolbar




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            I have a similar issue.  The Flash project resources are part of a larger web application.  We routinely need to build very similar solutions, and in different folders.  I would like to automate the creation or migration of the Builder workspace and the project settings from one solution to another - but have not found a method that does not have problems because of absolute paths being used in the workspace. Are there any alternatives for migrating or creating workspaces and their projects programmatically?  How about creating a workspace that uses only relative paths, instead of absolute?


            Thanks - Barney