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    InDesign CS4 no longer shows triangle icon for modified images in Links


      My InDesign crashed the other day, and now it no longer gives me the yellow triangular icon in the Links panel to indicate that and image has been modified and needs to be updated. I typically do not connect the image to the original via Indesign, but work in Photoshop independently. This has never been a problem. After I update the image in PS, the triangle instantly appears in ID so I can click on it and update the image.


      I can still click on the refresh button to update the image, but I would like those indicators back since it helps me with older documents - so I can know which images actually need the update and which do not.


      I have restarted the panel and launched and closed bridge as suggested in other older discussions, and it didn't make a difference. I also noticed that the if I do try to open the original image via ID with Open With, the icon for PS, for example, does not take me to PS (it opens the image in Windowd Paint). This makes me wonder is the whole connection between ID and PS is messed up. How do I fix that connection?