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    Installing Adobe Reader X Did Not Override/Replace Reader 9.x On Mac


      I updated Adobe Reader to version X (10.1.0) when prompted by my Mac but then saw that instead of Replacing Reader 9 (like it usually does), it Added and I had Both versions.


      I read the following advice in the forums and I did move the Adobe Reader 9 folder from the Applications folder to the Trash (and emptied) but I’m confused about a few users advising to also remove AdobePDFViewer.plugin from the Macintosh HD > Library > Internet Plug-Ins.  Do I not need this anymore?  Because there is only the one plug-in in that folder, not two, even though I did have two versions of Adobe Reader (9 and 10) before I trashed version 9?


      I’m using Mac OS X.6.8


      User advice from forum:

      Re: OS X How to best install Adobe Reader X if Reader 9.x is already installed

      I have both installed on my Mac. But to uninstall Reader 9, drag the Reader 9 folder from Application to the trash. You should also trash the PDFViewer plugin (Library > Internet Plugins).


      Another user’s advice from forum:

      Now to answer question - "Should I just trash Adobe Reader 9". The answer is YES. You can trash Adobe Reader 9 because installing Adobe Reader X over Adobe Reader 9 takes default ownership of pdf files from Reader 9 in application as well as Safari Web Browser. You would not require Adobe Reader 9 application now.


      First time using a forum.  Great help.  Thanks in advance for any further help.


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          Karan Malik Adobe Employee



          Reader X on Mac does not override or replace Reader 9. This is because Reader 9 installs in /Applications/Adobe Reader 9 folder while Reader X installs in /Applications folder. But if you customize Reader X installation to install on same location where Reader 9 is present, then the installer will ask your permission to trash Reader 9.


          If you do not want to go into that detail, the simplest way is to follow the advise from other forum that you have mentioned. You just need to trash Reader 9. There is no need to trash AdobePDFViewer.plugin as that will be updated to Reader X. If you trash that you may not be able to use Adobe plugin to view pdfs in Safari.




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            enigma2008 Level 1

            Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.  Your answer is very helpful and I appreciate it.  It's exactly what I needed to know.  I did go ahead and trash Reader 9 and I will keep the AdobePDFViewer plugin.