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    Review Commenting and Approval using the Workspace

    jcloni Level 1



      I am writing a process in LiveCycle ES2 Version: 9.5 that uses functionality found in the ReviewCommentingAndApprovalService. The functionality that I am interested in is initiating an approval process of one or more people. I already have templates using ReviewTemplateCreation in the Workspace.


      My issue that I need help on is a signature sheet. I have a form that is dynamically bound with XML and I would like to overlay the Name, Signature, and Comments boxes in a similar fashion to that of the Client-Side Signature process in ReviewCommentingAndApproval Application.


      Does anyone have any ideas how I can do this? The Approval process basically passes a PDF around that members will have to review and leave a comment in the provided comment box. I do not believe that people will have to comment directly on the PDF, rather just on the signature form at the beginning.


      So far, I have only been able to have the form on a page by itself and attach the Client-side signature sheet in front of that. Having my own form that is dynamically populated with XML bindings and then having signature and comment fields added before sending to Approvers would be ideal.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.